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You can't say Buzzfeed is wrong because they need to "just read the book." They weren't reviewing the book, they were talking about the movie and honestly the movie didn't do the book justice. The book definitely was about more than just Adam and her insecurity but the article is right. The movie focused on Adam and their relationship more than anything. To each their own and I respect that you liked the movie, but the message of the movie was not the same as the book

I never said buzzfeed was wrong just because they haven’t read the book. If it came across that way, I’m sorry, and I’ll try to revise my posts better. What I did mean though is that reading the book can give a different meaning to the story, and that they should read it if the movie was so disappointing to them. I understand that they were reviewing the movie. I didn’t read the article looking for a book review, I read it to see what others were thinking of the movie, and then gave my opinion on it. What was disappointing to me is that the article sounded as if the author of it went into the movie expecting a typical, already been done, YA movie, and therefore viewed it as such, rather than viewing for the overall picture. I respect that you don’t think the movie didn’t do the book justice, but I think overall it did. Of course there were parts I was disappointed with, or scenes I wished were in there, but I was happy with the movie. I also respect that you think the article is right, but I had some issues with it that I felt needed to be said/discussed. I am not trying to change your opinion on the book or movie and apologize if I was offensive in my post. I agree that the movie did focus more on Mia and Adam’s relationship, but I felt it focused on the family too, and what family meant to Mia. I’m my opinion (which could be wrong because it is of course an OPINION) the movie did send the same message as the book, and I respect that you don’t think it did.

Teaser Thursday: In the Afterlight


This one’s going out to all my August babies whose birthday requests I missed because I was traveling! Sorry, friends. I think I picked an excerpt you will ALL enjoy ;) As a warning, this is likely the last of the Teaser Thursdays you’ll get for ITA, but you’ll have the chance to read longer excerpts in September, so get excited!

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